Psycho Special

I once knew a guy called Tom. Everything I heard him say was designed to fuel his ego. He would manipulate people into agreeing with his points of view. Most things he said rubbed me the wrong way, like sanding against the grain – usually criticisms of people I found to be unfoundedly negative. It was like he viewed everyone as having a hidden malicious agenda, like he viewed the world as being two simlataneous realities – the one displayed, and the hidden manipulation and maliciousness lying within each person he saw. He would make up stories about people’s “real” motives behind their behaviour, often portraying friendly behaviour as being well hidden evil. I would usually try to vaguely ignore, but he would poke and poke harder and harder until you finally gave in and agreed in order to shut him up. Once you validated him with your false agreement, he would sit back and smile. Dominant. Full… for a while. I could breathe easier when he started harrassing someone else… my hair would lay back down again.

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